CAPACITY: Maximum capacity for the WHOLE venue is 85 people.

1. Definitions:

  • ‘Booking Form’: means the event-form that the client completes which incorporates these terms and the hire price.
  • ‘Event’: means the agreed conditions set out in the Booking Form for which the client may use the Venue.
  • ‘Hirer’: the client to which The Light Room agrees to let the Venue for the Hire Period.
  • ‘Hire Period’: The agreed amount of time indicated on the Booking Form to which The Light Room agrees to let the Hirer use the Venue.
  • ‘Venue’: is hereby defined as The Light Room, The Old Chapel, The Dean, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9BQ, the area(s) to which The Hirer and its invitees (including any guests, contractors and their employees) are permitted for the duration of the Hire Period as indicated on the Booking Form. No other space can be used at that time.
  • ‘TLR’: The Light Room, as the owner and operator of the Venue.
  • ‘Hire Fee’: the amount agreed by TLR and The Hirer to use The Venue for the Hire Period as described on the Booking Form and in section 3.

2. The nature and purpose of the event. The Hirer warrants that at the time of completing the Booking Form it will provide accurate and complete information. If for any reason such information provided to TLR at the time of completing the Booking Form was or later becomes inaccurate or incomplete, the Hirer undertakes (by way of a continuing duty after completion of the Booking Form) to provide accurate and complete information to TLR as soon as possible and no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the Hire Period. The Hirer (including any person or organisation on whose behalf the Hirer may be acting) undertakes that any visitors to the premises during the Event will only use the Venue for the nature and purposes identified on the Booking Form. By signing the Booking Form The Hirer agrees to comply with the Terms & Conditions set out in this document, a copy of which has been provided to The Hirer with the Booking Form (and further copies are available on request).

3. The Hire Fees. In consideration for use of the Venue, the Hirer will pay TLR a Hire Fee in the amount recorded on the Booking Form. To confirm the booking, 50% of the Hire Fee (as stated on the Booking Form) is due at the time of booking. A damage deposit of £150, along with the remaining 50% of the Hire Fee is payable no later than 21 days before the Event. Failure to pay the damage deposit and/or Hire Fees prior to the Event may result in access to the venue being denied. The duration of the Hire is as set out in the Booking Form. If the Event is cancelled due to a UK Government-enforced lockdown because of COVID 19-before The Hirer’s hire period, a full refund will be issued. If during The Hirer’s hire period, a refund for the days that have not been used will be issued.

4. Entertainment and Noise. The Venue is in a partially residential area. The Hirer must ensure that any sound (whether music or other noise) generated by The Event is fair and reasonable. In the event that TLR decides that the sound generated by The Event is excessive and requires it to be reduced (whether or not there has been any measurement of the sound levels at the perimeter of The Venue), TLR will immediately take reasonable steps to reduce the sound level in accordance with that instruction. It is recommended that all forms of musical entertainment are sound checked on-site in advance of The Event to ensure the highest quality result during The Event.

5. Children. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that any visitor bringing one or more children to The Event carefully supervises any such children at all times. The Hirer’s attention is specifically drawn to the health & safety clause below (clause 7) concerning the exclusion of liability for any injuries suffered by visitors to The Event. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from consuming alcohol in The Venue.

6. Health & Safety. The Hirer must comply and must ensure that its contractors comply, with all applicable health and safety legislation whilst within The Venue. The Hirer will not bring plant equipment into The Venue for the purposes of The Event without the prior written consent of TLR. Consent may be refused for any reason, without prejudice to The Hirer’s obligations above, in the case of

(i) any additional plant equipment, or (ii) Any substances potentially hazardous to health or property. The Hirer must ensure full compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) (or any ‘revising or replacement legislation’), and any Regulations made thereafter or relating to the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) copies of which are available from TLR on demand. The Hirer must comply, and must ensure that all its invitees (including any guests, contractors and their employees) comply with:

(i) TLR’s safety requirements in operation at the time of the Event, and (ii) any other safety instructions, which may be issued (whether before or during The Event) by TLR. The Hirer is responsible for the safety of all its invitees (including any guests, contractors and their employees) whilst within The Venue. The Hirer shall brief its guests, employees, contractors and other invitees of the Hirer on TLR’s fire evacuation procedures.

7. Broadcasting rights. The Hirer is not permitted to grant broadcasting rights (whether sound, television or otherwise) or film rights without the prior written consent of TLR, which may be withheld for any reason. Such consent (if given) may be subject to conditions, including (by way of example only): (i) TLR having a right to participate in any negotiations between The Hirer (or any person claiming rights through The Hirer) and any third party as to the terms and conditions of any such agreement; and (ii) TLR sharing in any income and/or publicity to be derived therefrom. The Hirer shall not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights belonging to TLR, whether before, during or after the Event.

8. Cancellation.

COVID 19 Cancellation Policy: If the event is cancelled due to a UK Government-enforced lockdown because of COVID 19-

  • Before the Hire Period, the Hirer will receive a full refund.
  • During the Hire Period , the Hirer will receive a refund for the days they have not been able to use the venue.

8.1 Any cancellation by the Hirer must be in writing, and will not be effective until received by TLR. If written notice of cancellation of the Event is received by TLR

  • 60 days or more before the booked event: 30% of the total event is charged.
  • Less than 60 days and more than 14 days to the event: 50% of the total event is charged.
  • Within 14 days of the event: a full Hire Fee is charged.

8.2 TLR may cancel the Event by notice in writing to the Hirer if any sum has not been paid by the Hirer on the due date for payment. In those circumstances, the Hirer will remain liable to pay TLR all sums due and owing as at the date of cancellation of the Event. TLR may also cancel the Event by notice in writing to the Hirer:

(i) If the Hirer purports to assign the benefit of the contract to a third party without the prior written consent of TLR; or

(ii) if TLR has reasonable cause to believe, on the basis of information not known to TLR at the time of receipt of the Booking Form, that there is a serious risk that the Event is likely to be materially different from that identified on the Booking Form and that such difference might cause damage to the Venue or to the reputation of the Venue or might be a danger to the public. In those circumstances, TLR is entitled to be paid and/or may retain 100% of the Hire Fee payable upon completion of the Booking Form. Further TLR may also cancel the Event by notice in writing to the Hirer:

(i) if The Venue or any part of it essential to the Event are reasonably considered by the Hirer to be likely to be unfit for use on the date of the Event by reason of circumstances outside the control of TLR,

(ii) if circumstances outside the control of TLR and not reasonably foreseeable by TLR at the time of receipt of the Booking Form arise, which reasonably requires TLR to cancel the Event, e.g. public security or safety issues. In such circumstances, TLR will refund to the Hirer any payments made by the Hirer to TLR. If TLR cancels the Event pursuant to this clause, TLR will be under no liability whatsoever to the Hirer (including for any direct or indirect losses, damages or consequential loss of any kind) other than that specified within this clause 8.2.

9. Payment. The provisions of this clause apply to all payments due from the Hirer to TLR. Time for all such payments is of the essence. The Hirer shall be liable to pay to TLR on written demand no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of invoice, interest on any payments made late. Such interest will be calculated at the rate of 3% above the base rate of Natwest Bank. All payments should be made by means of BACS to the account specified on the invoice issued by TLR.

10. Liability, Indemnity and Insurance. To the extent permitted by law, TLR shall not be liable for any death or personal injury suffered by the Hirer or any persons attending the Event save to the extent that the same was caused by the negligence of TLR. TLR excludes all liability, and the Hirer undertakes to assume liability for any damage to or loss of any items or articles brought into the Venue by the Hirer or any visitor to the Event (including any contractor and their employees), including any articles left at the Venue after The Event. The Hirer will indemnify TLR for the sum of £5million in respect of any damage to or loss of TLR property howsoever caused during or as a result of The Event, save to the extent caused by an employee or agent of TLR. The Hirer shall indemnify TLR and hold them harmless against any claim whatsoever which may be brought against them by any person arising out of the Event, other than in respect of any proven claim for liability for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of TLR. Without prejudice to the Hirer’s obligations above, the Hirer undertakes to ensure:

(i) that the Hirer or any agent of the Hirer has obtained valid public liability insurance cover for The Event in a sum of at least £5 million;

(ii) that the hirer, production company, caterer or any other applicable contractor provides to TLR a copy of £5 million public liability.

11. Assignment. This contract is not assignable by the Hirer to any other party without the prior written consent of TLR.

12. General. The headings of each clause are for guidance only and are not to be used as an aid to construction. This contract for the use of the Venue by the Hirer and shall not entitle or confer the Hirer to any property rights in the Venue or any part thereof, and no relationship of landlord and tenant is created by this contract. Any rights of any third party to enforce against TLR the terms of this contract pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (1999) are specifically excluded. Neither party will be liable to the other party for any delay in or failure to perform or comply with its obligations under this Agreement as a result of Force Majeure. Any failure or delay by either party to exercise or enforce any right shall not affect its right to exercise or enforce that right against the other party nor shall any waiver of any breach of any provision be taken as a waiver of any subsequent breach or of the provision itself. To be effective any waiver must be in writing, signed by an authorised representative of the waiving party and be delivered to the other party. This Agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter to the exclusion of any prior communications. The parties acknowledge that neither has placed any reliance on any prior representations, warranties or communications other than those expressly incorporated in this Agreement. The parties irrevocably and unconditionally waive any rights they may have to rescind this Agreement and/or claim damages for any misrepresentation whether or not contained in this Agreement or for breach of any warranty not contained in this Agreement unless such misrepresentation or warranty was made fraudulently. If any provision of this Agreement, not being of a fundamental nature, be held as void, contrary to law or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected. This contract shall be governed by the Law of England, and any dispute arising in relation thereto shall be determined by the courts of England, to whose jurisdiction the Hirer hereby submits.



All waste must be removed off-site, without exception, and disposed of by the Hirer.


A built-in cloakroom is available for use by the Hirer with rails and hangers for up to 85 guests.

Damage Deposit. A damage deposit of £150 will be charged on each booking, refundable after the Event subject to no damages or any equipment missing. The Hirer will take all reasonable care to ensure that the Venue is not damaged in any way during or as a result of the Event, including work undertaken by agents of the Hirer. If the Venue is damaged during the Event, repair works must be undertaken by TLR’s approved suppliers.

Disabled Access. The Venue has direct access, via a ramp, from the street.

Dry Hire. The Venue is a dry hire venue and any requirements for alcoholic refreshments shall be agreed, in advance of the Event, with TLR. Any additional production, catering requirements will be chargeable. Event Schedule. The Hirer may be required to provide a comprehensive schedule for the Hire Period. This should include vehicle load-in times with vehicle sizes, all deliveries, and timings of activities. This must be received no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the Hire Period.

Façade Branding. Any branding or signage must be agreed upon with TLR.

Floor Plans. Following the initial meeting, the Hirer may request a floor plan of the Event. We understand that not all clients can provide detailed floor plans, but in certain situations, approximate drawings will suffice.

Floor Protection. It is an original 1896 polished concrete floor and protection to the floor must be considered at all times.

In-House Lighting System. The Venue fee includes the use of the Venue’s two lighting systems. The systems may only be reconfigured or up-scaled by the Venue’s in-house technical team. Please notify TLR with requirements within fourteen (14) days of the Hire Period. There may be additional charges for this.

Installation/Breakdown of Exhibition. The venue provides a ladder and a level onsite. It is strictly forbidden for one person to set up and hang pictures that require the use of the ladder alone, or take pictures down that require the use of the ladder alone.

Insurance. TLR must be provided with proof of the Hirer’s insurance, covering public, products and employer’s liability up to £5million in any one occurrence. This cover must be in the same name as that on the Booking Form. This must be received no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the Hire Period.

Kitchen, Food Preparation and Utilities. The Venue does not have cooking facilities. All hot food must be pre-prepared and only preparation can take place within the Venue. Heating food with naked flames is not possible as gas is prohibited in the building. It is also stipulated that no frying of food takes place inside the venue. Cooking oil, tea and coffee granules must not be put down the kitchen sink. Floors must be left clean and all bins must be emptied and waste is taken off-site.

Loading and Unloading. Vehicles can stop in on-street parking spaces at the Venue at their own risk. It is the responsibility of The Hirer to abide by all relevant parking rules and regulations and to advise their suppliers and contractors if the same. TLR will not be held accountable for any charges or penalties incurred.

Lost Property. Any lost property found in the Venue after the Event will be recorded in a written log and kept in a lost property cupboard. In some instances where the caterer is responsible for the cloakroom, items left might be taken with them.

Power and Electrical Equipment. The Venue has 13amp sockets. Please note that any electrical equipment brought into the Venue must have passed a PAT test.

Outlets and Output. Event Power Distribution – A means of isolation/protection must be placed within four meters of connection to the building supply. The electrical installation from this point and upstream is the sole responsibility of the installing engineers. All installations should be in accordance with B.S 7671. Connection to House Supply – All cables should meet the requirements of B.S 7671 for current-carrying capacity. Please use cabling factors when sizing your cables to suit fuse size and type. Cables should form part of a set and should be no greater than four meters in length. All cables should be single core double insulated. Five core cables, which have been stripped with lugs attached will not be used to provide 125amp, three-phase supplies. Cables of varying age, length, diameter and type will not be
connected. All cables should be clearly marked with a B.S number and rated to 1000v. The connection to the house supply requires that cables are lugged. The eye of the lug should be between 10-16mm. Cables should not be adapted to suit a smaller size of lug, or similarly, extra-large lugs on smaller cables.

Picture Hanging System. TLR provide a STAS j-rail max system that has been designed for heavy paintings. Simple and massively strong. This explains why this system is extensively used in galleries and museums all over the world. The highly effective, thick-walled aluminium profile is capable of supporting loads of up to 40kg per linear metre.

Venue Inventory. The Hirer will receive a pre Hire Period inventory of the Venue stating the Venue’s condition before the Hire Period.

Production Meetings. We are aware that the Hirer may need to visit the Venue on numerous occasions to finalise arrangements for the Event. We will, of course, endeavour to allow access whenever we can, but please be aware that this will not always be possible due to other events taking place.

Publicity and Social Media. TLR would like the opportunity to make mentions of the Event and take photographs before and after the Event date across our social media platforms. This will always be discussed pre-event with the Hirer.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (Health & Safety Documents). Any company or corporate entity that will be working in the Venue during the Hirer’s Hire Period must submit risk assessments, health and safety documents and public liability insurance certificates for any activity they are carrying out. This must be received no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the Hire Period.

Security. This service may be provided by a dedicated agent of the hirer.

Smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Venue. The Hirer will ensure that visitors to the Event (including caterers and any other contractors) do not smoke in the Venue. Glassware is not permitted outside of the Venue at any time.

Suppliers. On-site contact names and telephone numbers of all contractors providing direct or indirect services during the Hire Period must be provided. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all suppliers are aware of the restrictions highlighted in this
document. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to the Hirer. TLR makes no representation and gives no warranty as to the quality or extent of the services provided by preferred and recommended suppliers.

Walls and tape. It is absolutely forbidden to put nails, hooks, ‘Blu Tack’ or any other adhesives into any of the walls or surfaces of the Venue. Any necessary repair work must be completed by TLR’s maintenance team and subsequent charges will apply.